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Lunar Watch provides accurate, attractive Moon and Sun details at a glance. See what the moon will be like on a certain date at any location in the world. You can quickly see what the moon looks like in the future and in the past by swiping left or right with your fingers. Customize the background to a theme that is most appealing to you. 

Simple to Use

Swipe left or right to change the date.  Tap on the left or right arrows to change the date. Open the lunar date picker to quickly select any date or select Next Full Moon or Next New Moon. Easily find and select any location in the world. Easily change the background theme.

Cool Features

You can research the lunar phases for any date based on your location or any location you choose. Change the background theme with one of many presets or create your own color gradients.


Full of Details

Lunar Phase

* Moonrise and Moonset

* Sunrise and Sunset

* Lunar Illumination

* Moon Age

* Next New Moon

* Next Full Moon

* Your location latitude and longitud

Set your Style

You can change the background theme from the settings.  Choose from a list of preset background images or create your own color scheme.

Lunar Forecast

Lunar Watch provides an accurate forecast of the phases of the moon and much more!

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